Hi Queen, this is Anjy and I want to personally thank you first and foremost for choosing Silky Queen as your #1 Hair provider. 


Quality Hair is my passion. Ever since I was in middle school I strived to have the best hair out of all my girlfriends. I grew it all the way to my lower back, I used to use this all natural hair lightener spray called "Sun-in", I took such good care of my hair it was so long, full, and beautiful. A lot of my confidence at that time came from my mane. Then, when I got to high school I decided I wanted to go more blonde and so in my freshman year I decided to get my hair bleached. The person who dyed my hair didn't know what they were doing at that time and as a result I would say I lost 80% of my hair. When I tell you my confidence went out of the window..that is just an understatement. I felt ugly, I felt like my hair being short made me look fat, I didn't feel beautiful because my idea of a beautiful woman at that time was someone with beautiful long full hair. I cried myself to sleep that night because I lost a part of me that I loved. I then spent the next decade wearing every kind of hair extensions you can think of. Everything from using clip-ins, sow-ins, tape-ins, micro-beaded, wigs, and yes even attaching hair wefts onto my scalp using hair bonding glue.


During that time I spent thousands of dollars on hair and countless of hours searching for the best quality hair. Little did I know that my self conscious pain at that time was actually turning me into a Master in the making. I became obsessed with hair extensions and wigs so much so that I literally never left the house unless I had hair extensions on. I had a problem that needed to be solved. All things in life can heal and grow if you show it love. So, I started to take better care of my hair. I stopped using that bonding glue that was ripping all of my hair out and only wore good quality hair wigs and certain types of hair extensions that were gentle towards my hair and allowed my hair to grow out while using them.


Today, my natural hair has grown long and full. My self worth is not dependent on my exterior self but rather my interior self, and I love wearing different styles of wigs and hair extensions because its fun, playful, and sexy. It also gives my real hair a break and allows it to grow. 


That is our wish for you. We here at Silky Queen want you to use our products while enhancing and bettering your real hair. Our mission is to exceed the norm of customer experience by giving our customers the finest hair quality in the industry.

We also want to work and partner with influencers all over the world. We aim to become and remain the world's most luxurious hair line and #1 goto in the hair industry.

Our hope is to awaken the Queen in you because Silky Queens run the World.